Treasure Dancing for the Treasure Gods

We must be wary of the Treasure Gods. They are a spiteful bunch. To get the best treasures you must appease them with dance!


Drinking like a 14 year old

how do u reverse the flow of time? you explode the flow of beer, on your head.

drinking like you're 14 is a dangerous adventure, indeed!


Missle Silo Madness: The Reckoning, or The Enactment of Majesty

We merely teased you with mentions of the madness. But now Its been DONE.

-Old Man Flinn, and avoiding his crotchety ways
-Kano's Swiss and his solar poisoning
-Loosing a 1/2 gallon of water and being craze thirst driven to drink farm irrigation liquid
-Not finding missiles

-Butte County, California, USA
-Cold War Nuclear Missle Silos

The Cold War? Nuclear Missles? That just has a wonderful ring to it doesn't it? We agree and so ventured forth into the wilderness of Butte County to find this enchanting piece of yesteryear; this priceless relic of history past.

Visions of glory filled our dreams. What would await us when we traipsed through the realm of Cold War Americana.

Surely Missles a plenty! Surely...at the very least...ADVENTURE!

Step One: Locate the site
-Through various internet related means we pinned down the location.

Step Two: Road Trip
-Time to drive!
-A two hour drive was all that separated us from our destination, from our glory. We would conquer this passage with little trouble.

Step Three: Old Man Flinn
-Being a group of polite young men we didn't want to trespass through anyone's property. Recon would be needed. Asking various local residents we discovered that the missile silos where located on Old Man Flinn's property, and Old Man Flinn was both ornery and crotchety. This was confirmed through several sources.
A Decision is made
-The club casts its vote for trespass. The cantankerous Old Man Flinn will surely deny us access to the glory of America's history. Being both crotchety and ornery there's no way that he'll share his prize with us; hording his treasure like a troll under a bridge. We needed access to this piece of history, America's history, OUR HISTORY!
We routed a four mile trail to circumnavigate Old Man Flinn and sneak into his treasure pot. A trail full of hills, barbed wire, and ancient stone walls.

Step Four: Liquids are Important
-Temperature 105, we would need many liquids....many many liquids. We bought those liquids, we prepared ourselves for the coming adventure.
1/5 mile into our trek it was discovered that a 1/2 gallon of our watter had fallen out of Gouda's backpack. WE MUST PUSH ON...for the adventure.
And so we did.

Step Five: Glory is Fleeting
-The prize is found.
But the prize has not been cared for. The prize is tarnished and rusty. The prize is closed off with garbage and concrete.
We located the Silo's, but the power and glory of the past has faded with age. Old Man Flinn has apparently been using the Silo's for a dumping ground:
Theories are proposed:
-Old Man Flinn has been dumping bodies in the silos
-Old Man Flinn has been dumping treasure in the silos
-Old Man Flinn has been dumping our history in the silos
Theories are all well and good, but they don't give you water for your crazy thirsty throat, we needed to make our leave and find a water source.

Step Six: The trek back
-We opted for the road that was a 1/2 mile outside of Old Man Flinn's treasure chest.
The regret: we did not park there to begin with.
-A six mile hike back to the car was needed
-Water was needed
-Water bottles were empty
-The Adventure Club located a working farm irrigation spout and both Kano and Gouda greedily drank from it. Rusty looked on with displeasure telling us that we would most likely die. Was it recycled water, full of e-coli and poo juice? Was it chock full of chemical fertilizers? Who know's.

Step Seven: The sun will kill you
-Walking and walking, these four miles seem so far, so very far. The sun, it's hot, so scorchingly hot.  The bodies, they're coated slick with perspiration, but the insides; the precious and vital innards are so dry.
-Kano removes his shirt, exposing his tender flesh to the harsh solar radiation. A move he will regret.
-The car is found, we made it back, but Kano doesn't feel right. He can't describe it, but its not the normal healthy living feeling that he's come to expect from reality.
-We make it home and rejoice in the mediocrity of our grand adventure, but Kano, he feels wrong.
-Two days later an emergency room visit for Kano tells him he has a respiratory infection. Gouda suggests it might be from the farm irrigation poo juice, Kano insists it is Solar Poisoning.

An Adventure is had!
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camping? or living

just got back from a wonderful camping trip in lassen national forest..... pictures coming 


Missile Silo Madness

more to come!